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Welcome to UTHealth Gift Planning

Thank you for your interest in UTHealth. Our hope is to serve you and your family with helpful information. We have an increasing number of friends who now are benefiting from life income gifts, gift annuities, and other plans. Thank you for taking the time to explore the benefits of gift planning.

Heritage Society Members

A. David Mangelsdorff, PhD, MPH '82
Ann and Ed Deery
Barbara and Barry Lewis
Barbara and Irshad Mufti
Betty E. Moreno
Betty L. Petrie, PhD
Billy Joe Westbrook, DDS*
Bradford Willis, DDS, MSD
Carla Diaz Lewis and Kenneth J. Lewis
Col Willard Quirk and Ms. Barbara Stakk
Cyvia and Melvyn* Wolf
David and Sheri Starnes
David D. Grayson, Jr., MD
Deborah M. and John A. Valenza
Denton A. Cooley, MD*
Donald R. Niño, MD
Donna and L. Maximilian Buja, MD
Doris and Martin Kolackovsky
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Wright
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Baker
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert L. DuPont
Dr. and Mrs. Leslie O. Fullerton
Dr. and Mrs. Peter N. Gray
Dr. and Mrs. Steven D. Brown
Dr. and Mrs. W. Bryant Boutwell
Dr. and Mrs. William D. Spears
Dr. Darwin Labarthe and Ms. Merrily Doran
Dr. Frank and Lynne Arnett
Dr. Paula O'Neill-Weedon and Mr. Waland Weedon
Drs. Joan Bergstrom and John McDonald
Drs. John and Susan Powers
Eva and Michael Patrick
Frances E. Arrighi, Ph.D.*
Frank M. Yatsu, M.D.*
Glenn T. Housholder, PhD*
George Ann Harding
Hailey and David Higgins
Irma Gigli, MD
James H. Steele, D.V.M., M.P.H.*
James R. Ballinger, DDS*
Joan I. Lynch, EdD
John D. Reveille, MD
John R. Kelsey, Jr., MD*
Kathleen E. Lazarou, PhD and John T. Adams, PhD
Kenneth C. Killian, DDS, MPH, Ilo Killian, Dalene Killian, and Kurt Killian
Leo E. Hollister, MD*
Linda and Merrill Overturf, PhD
Lorraine Frazier, PhD, RN, FAAN '98, '00, '05 and David Frazier
Lu-Yu Hwang, MD
Marjorie Poyner*
Mavis P. Kelsey, Sr., MD*
Michael Pearson, DDS '69
Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Shelby
Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. O'Neill
Mr. and Mrs. D. Bradley McWilliams
Mr. and Mrs. D. Dudley Oldham
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Randall III
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Chiles
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick R. Rutherford, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Randall E. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Greenwalt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Katz
Mr. and Mrs. William Howard Wolf
Mr. Donald E. Williamson*
Mr. George E. Longshie*
Mr. Herbert F. Poyner, Jr.*
Mr. Hugh H. Hanson*
Mr. J. Paul Cobb*
Mr. Jack H. Mayfield, Jr.
Mr. James M. Hill, Jr.*
Mr. Jean M. Worsham*
Mr. L. Nick McFadin, Jr.*
Mr. Richard L. Triska, Jr.
Mrs. Caroline Noack Sneed*
Mrs. Joan R. Wood
Mrs. Judith R. Hoffberger*
Mrs. Linda K. Finger*
Mrs. Louise G. Cooley*
Mrs. Lynn T. Moore
Mrs. Mary Hale Lovett McLean
Mrs. Susan R. Mayfield*
Ms. Fadine J. Roquemore
Ms. Jane D. Owen*
Ms. Jean C. Stewart*
Ms. Marilyn O. Crichlow
Ms. Patti Whitmire Carlton and Mr. Mark Carlton
Ms. Sha He and Mr. Min Zhang
Ms. Shu Dou and Mr. Jia Zhang
Pauline and Alfred Meyerson
Peggy A. O'Neill, DDS, PhD
R. Palmer Beasley, MD*
Ralph V. Lunsford
Rebecca Snowball Reeves
Rita Cammarata, DDS '96, '99 and Dottie Maggio
Robert F. Weisberg, PhD
Robert L. Petrie, Jr.*
Robert W. Guynn, MD
Sharon and Mel Ostwald
Susan A. Korp, MD
Susan E. Stinnett
Susan Nelson, MD '84 and Robert Hart, MD '85
Suzanne M. Lopez, MD and Cheryl M. Chanaud, PhD
Sylvia V. Taborelli, MPH
Thomas L. Hurst, DDS, MS*
Thomas Pierce Runnells Estate
Thomas S. Matney, Ph.D.*
William T. Deffebach, JD

*indicates deceased member